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MedNessity’s founder, Gregory Palega MD JD, has a decade of experience as a medical expert in the following arenas:

  • Federal False Claims Act:  US Department of Justice investigations

  • Federal False Claims Act:  Trial and deposition testimony

  • US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS):  OIG investigations

  • State Medicaid Actions

  • Medicare and Medicaid Provider Appeals:  Medical Necessity, Coding,  and Documentation disputes

  • United States HHS OIG Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIA): Independent medical record review 

  • Medicare Fraud & False Claims Act Cases: Settlement conference expert witness testimony

  • Private Healthcare Provider-Payer Lawsuits:   Testimony regarding the medical necessity of services and emergency medical care


  • Medical Staff and Compliance Officer Education: Medicare documentation and medical necessity requirements (i.e. coverage requirements)


See CV or contact Greg Palega for further details and attorney references

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